I am now officially 37 weeks pregnant!  And do you know what that means?  The baby is technically considered full-term now!  That just means that her lungs are probably developed completely enough for her to cope well in the “outside world.”  It does not mean that she’s ready to come out yet, however.  She might actually decide to stay in there for up to 5 more weeks- although my “due date” is three weeks away.  But now the worry begins.  I’m not quite ready for her to be born!  My hospital bag isn’t packed, the nursery still isn’t done, and I have a pet sitting client until the 22nd!

In other news, according to my midwife yesterday the baby is “engaged,” which means she is starting to get ready to be born.  I don’t think this means much in being able to predict her birthdate however.  Babies are born when they are ready.  We’ll see how I feel about this in a couple of weeks- the heat is really starting to affect me, and my feet and ankles were pretty swollen for two days in a row.  Today was cooler though, so I was a much happier mama!  It’s about time to fall into my air-conditioned bed, so until next time…..



The nursery’s really starting to come together!  My mom gave us a beautiful glider rocking chair, which is awesome!  We bought a dresser finally.  We were trying to find a nice sturdy used one, and I looked EVERYWHERE for about a week before I finally found one that worked.  Bunny put some new drawer pulls on it, and attached the changing pad one top, and it looks amazing!  Now he’s working on the dollhouse bookcase.  Now I need to finish (erm, start) the window valances, and buy a crib mattress!


That’s right, it’s exactly one month until my due date!  Not that it neccesarily means anything, I could go in to labor up to 2 weeks after that.  But it sure is getting closer!  The baby has been getting ready by getting the hiccups several times a day.  She doesn’t need to get hiccups to get ready, you say?  Well someone had better tell her that!


As of yesterday, I am 35 weeks pregnant!  That means there are only about 5 weeks left to go.  My, how does time fly!  At this point, I am starting to focus a lot on making sure we have everything we need before the baby arrives.  The nursery is painted, the crib is assembled, but I still need to wash all the baby clothes and we need to buy the poor girl a dresser so we have a place to put all her cute outfits!  Bunny went to Lowe’s the other day and got all the supplies for making a dollhouse bookcase.  I saw one at a store, and asked if he thought he might be able to make one.  And because there is nothing that Bunny can’t do, he has jumped into the project!  It’s going to be so cute, and we will be able to paint it to coordinate with the baby’s room.

We had another midwife appointment on Tuesday.  Nothing very exciting, since most of them are exactly the same.  I gained some weight (eeesh, too much I think) and baby is measuring exactly how big she is supposed to be.  I don’t think the baby likes having her heartbeat listened to with the doppler, she tends to try to move away from it.  Everything looks normal, and we get to go back again in two weeks.  After our next visit, we get to go in every week!

I went swimming today for the first time since I’ve been pregnant.  I’ve been a member of the YMCA for over a year, but for some reason I have never used the pool.  So after buying a maternity swimsuit, I took the plunge.  A word about maternity swimsuits: wow.  For some reason, maternity swimsuits are designed to be as embarrassing as possible, with very prints.  And since there is only one store in town that carries them, my choices were limited.  A plain black one would have been nice….  If they’d carried my size.  A pretty blue one?  Also not my size.  I ended up having to settle on a black tankini with white flowers all over if.  I asked Bunny if it was really that bad.  “Um, it looks like a grandma swimsuit.”  Great.  I look like a grandma that swallowed a watermelon.  But the important point is that I can now swim!  I had heard that swimming felt good especially toward the end of pregnancy, but I wasn’t quite prepared for how it would feel.  If I just stood in the water, my belly floated.  Since I am carrying quite low, it was interesting to have my belly sitting where I feel like it’s “supposed” to be.  I was kind of hoping that feeling lighter would be like swimming while not pregnant, but it’s really not.  It does feel nice to have the weight off of my hips, however.  Hopefully I will be able to go swimming often, to justify buying the granny swimsuit.

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A lot has been going on in baby-land this week!  Bunny is finished painting the baby’s room, so we can really get started on organizing the nursery!  My baby shower was on Saturday, so there is now a lot of things to go into the room.

My mom and sisters threw me a baby shower tea party, and it was amazing 🙂  There were all kinds of yummy food, like tea sandwiches, cookies, and scones.  We played some baby mad libs and decorated quilt squares that my mom will be assembling into a quilt.  As an icebreaker, everyone went around the room and introduced themselves and gave “suggestions” of what they think the baby’s name will be (since we are not sharing our list of possible names).  Some people came up with very pretty names, but they will have to wait to find out what her name is actually going to be!  I was excited that so many people were able to make it to the shower, and I hope they all had as much fun as I did!  We received some really wonderful baby gifts as well.  The baby will certainly be the best dressed little girl in the neighborhood, that’s for sure!  She was given some beautiful dresses, adorable outfits, hats, leg warmers, headbands, and sleepers.  She also has lots of basic necessities like bibs, diapers, burp clothes, crib sheets, diaper bag, etc.  We were also given some adorable blankets including a dinosaur quilt my sister made (which Bunny LOVES!), another beautiful handmade quilt, and a vintage quilt.  I know she will also love the stuffed doggy she got, and a really cute monster puppet.  Bunny’s family was incredibly generous and gave us a crib (thank you!) and his grandma gave us a Pack N’ Play and a ton of other goodies!  At this point, I don’t think the baby needs much else except for love, which judging from the baby shower she will have aplenty.  Bunny and I would like to thank everyone for their generosity and for their love 🙂

I know there should be more to say about the shower and everything, but I am almost falling asleep!  The baby is kicking to let me know it’s time to hit the hay 🙂


It’s Sunday night, which means we had another childbirth class this afternoon.  And what an interesting class it was.  Today we spent much of the time working on “labor simulation,” which means that we practiced what we will be doing during contractions.  Oh, and the “contractions” are simulated by Bunny squeezing my arm.  Now I’m no expert, but I get the feeling that a contraction feels nothing whatsoever like someone squeezing your arm.  I guess I’ll find out soon enough!  My “job” during contractions is relatively simple.  I just have to relax every muscle in my body, and breathe deeply into my abdomin.  Meanwhile, Bunny was struggling with the logistics of squeezing my arm, rubbing my back, timing the “contractions,” checking my position, checking that I was breathing the right way, and saying relaxing things to me.  It might be unfortunate that our roles aren’t reversed, since he isn’t great at muti-tasking!  It felt a little silly to be laying on the floor with 5 other couples pretending to be in labor, and I did start giggling uncontrollably at one point.  But who cares if you lose a little bit of dignity on the path to a natural childbirth, right?  I’m sure I’ll lose even more during labor.

Speaking of labor……..  The other part of today’s class involved watching a video of labor and childbirth.  I had thought that the video was supposed to be showing the labor techniques we have been learning, and I was not quite prepared for the CLOSE UP SHOTS OF THE BABY BEING BORN!  Oh. my. god.  I mean, I was aware in THEORY that this was going to happen.  But actually seeing it?  No thank you.  In my imagination it wasn’t so…… bulgy.  Just thinking about it makes me uncomfortable.  Is my body really going to do that?  I guess I hope so, since that’s how the baby’s going to come out.  But jeeze.  I know some people use a mirror to be able to see the baby being born, but I dont think I will be doing that.  I would like to continue imagining it in the slightly cleaner and much less intimidating manor that I have been up to this point.

The baby still has awhile before she will be coming out, though.  She seems to be using the final trimester to get into positions that are specifically designed to make me uncomfortable.  One of her favorites?  Pushing on my hip bone (with her feet?) and stretching to the other side of my stomach (with her head?)  I really have no idea what she’s doing most of the time, but I think she spends a lot of her time attempting to create some more room in my uterus by pushing outward.  But she might just be rearranging her furniture.

Sorry for the somewhat graphic nature of some of this post.  I did try to make it as PG as possible!


I am officially 33 weeks along today, yay!  At the beginning it seemed like time was moving along so slowly, but it sure seems to be speeding up as we get closer!  It will be less than two months until I get to hold my little girl, and I can’t wait!  NOT that I want her to come early by any means.  We are still hard at work getting ready for her arrival and I think it would throw a wrench into the plans if she decided to be born ahead of schedule 🙂  Speaking of getting ready, thank you Rissa for all the cloth diapers!  My little stash is getting bigger and bigger!  I am very excited to use cloth diapers, and am very grateful to have such a generous sister who is willing to give me hand-me-downs!  The maternity clothes she’s given me have been a lifesaver as well, those suckers are so expensive for something you wear for such a short time.   I have been happy not to need to buy too much maternity wear.   Bunny and I are so blessed to have family and friends that are so generous, and we feel very lucky indeed to have people close to us as we prepare to begin our new life as parents.


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