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Well, I’m still rolling along on the pregnancy train…..  I am officially 13 days overdue now.  Yesterday we went to have a Biophysical Profile done, which is an ultrasound to get an idea how the baby’s doing…..  Fluid levels, organs functioning ok, etc.  She passed with flying colors, and everything looks great.  Today we had a midwife appointment, and baby’s still doing great and so am I.  It looks like I could go into labor at any point- I am 4 centimeters dialated, 90% effaced, and -1 station.  This baby could come any time!  The midwife also stripped my membranes, which might help.  I am feeling very hopeful that I might have a baby tomorrow!



It is getting harder and harder to patiently wait for this little baby to arrive.  I just can’t wait to meet her, hold her, name her….  Plus we have all these cute clothes to play dress-up with!  But still no signs of labor.  I wonder how long I’m going to have to wait?


I am officially five days overdue now.  I’ve been having a few contractions very early in the morning most days, but then nothing happens.  We had an appointment with the midwife today, and that went well.  Baby is still looking good, everything is normal.  If she still isn’t here in a week, we have to go in for a Biophysical Profile.  The BPP is an ultrasound where they measure the amniotic fluid level and make sure the baby is still doing well.  HOPEFULLY she’ll show up before then, so we don’t need to worry about it 🙂


Two days past my duedate, and I am now getting anxious/excited for our little girl to arrive.  I’m still not hating being pregnant, but I just can’t wait to meet my daughter!  No signs yet that anything is on the horizon, so it’s just a waiting game.  So in my spare time, I’ve been sewing.


These are my first two diapers, both “fitted” cloth diapers

And these are my next few tries.  A dinosaur fitted (for daddy!), a flowered fitted, and a ruffle-butt diaper cover.

It’s so much FUN to sew diapers!  I think it will be even more fun once I become more profficient and a little faster at it.  But hey, it’s keeping me busy!  The other thing that’s been helping me stay busy is swimming.  I’ve been trying to go to the Y at least a few times a week to swim.  It’s heavenly to feel weightless – or at least more of a pre-pregnancy size!  Getting out of the pool is never fun, because it feels like I go from being incredibly graceful to extrememly cumbersome, and fat to boot.  Ah well.  Enjoy it while I can, right?  Meanwhile, I’m attempting to get as much sleep as possible so that I will hopefully be well-rested for labor.  And on that note, it’s time for bed.


I feel like we’re really coming down to the wire now, baby is “due” in just two days!  Things are still going well, I’m just trying to balance between keeping busy and staying well rested so I can be ready if I go into labor!  The nursery is all done (minus a few prints that need hung on the wall), and I think we are well-prepared.  I have been re-reading all of the “labor and birth” sections of my pregnancy books, just to remind myself of everything.  Not that I really need it.  I am also working on making a few cloth diapers.  I am attempting to make a cloth diaper cover with ruffles on the butt that we can use for newborn pictures, which I think will be really cute.

Baby is still doing well, she is nice and strong and capable of hurting her mommy when she kicks really hard.  She had made no noticable requests to come out yet, but I have a sneaky suspiscion that it could happen this weekend.  Wish us luck!


I am at 38 weeks (+ 2 days) pregnant now, which means we only have about 2 weeks to go before we meet our baby!  I have been “nesting” a little bit, mostly wanting to do laundry and sew.  I still have a couple of cute little dresses to make for the baby (the pieces are all cut out) and I am thinking about making a few onesies or something.  I do wish I was nesting a LITTLE more though, I still don’t want to wash the dishes 🙂

On Wednesday was the last session of the dog training class that I have been helping teach for the past 8 weeks.  I was extremely surprised and delighted that the class threw me a baby shower!  It was very sweet that the students are so excited about the baby, and I even received a few gifts from students from the last class that I’d helped teach.  I got some adorable clothes, nightgowns, hooded towels, baby lotions, and some other goodies!  I was not expecting a baby shower at dog training class, and was a little bit embarassed by the attention.  But Bunny and I really appreciate all of the well-wishes and the gifts for our baby.

On Thursday we had a midwife appointment, which was fairly standard once again.  We did find out the results of my Group B Strep test which was taken last week.  Unfortunately it was positive, which means that I have to be given IV antibiotics during labor to keep the baby from getting sick.  Group B Strep is a weird bacteria thing that I don’t really understand very well, so I have stolen this description from Group B Strep International:

What Is Group B Strep?

Group B strep (GBS) is a bacteria naturally found in the digestive tract and
birth canal of 1 in 4 pregnant women. These women “carry” or are “colonized”
with GBS. However, GBS can come and go at any time so each pregnancy can be
different. Babies can be infected by GBS before birth and up to 6 months of age
because of their underdeveloped immune systems.

GBS most commonly causes infection in the blood (sepsis), the fluid and
lining of the brain (meningitis), and lungs (pneumonia). It can cause babies to
be miscarried, stillborn, or die after being born. Some GBS survivors have
permanent handicaps such as blindness, deafness, mental retardation, and
cerebral palsy.

But basically, I didn’t “catch” GBS, it’s naturally occurring, but it can be passed on to the baby and cause serious health problems.  However, since I will be treated with antibiotics it will be more of an inconveniece than anything else.  Oh well.

And now for the BABY CHECKLIST!

All the things that need to happen before she’s born:

Nursery finished?: Just about, Bunny is working on a bookcase but everything else is done

Crucial baby stuff acquired?: CHECK!

Stockpile of food from Costco?: CHECK!

Pet sitting complete?: 5 days to go!

Hospital bag packed?: Not yet.  What am I waiting for?

Things are going very well overall, and it’s mostly just a waiting game at this point!




Window valances? Done.  Crib skirt (dust ruffle)? Done.  We are waiting for the crib mattress to arrive, hopefully on friday.  The room is really coming together!  It looks super cute so far, and I will have to post some pictures soon 🙂  It is a little difficult to take pictures of, since the room is too small to get very far away from anything!



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