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We got to go see the midwife for our 30-week prenatal visit today.  Results?

My glucose tolerance test came back normal, (no gestational diabetes- yay!)

I have gained two pounds, (one pound a week, which is exactly where my weight gain should be)

Baby is currently in a head down postion, which makes the midwife happy

The only bummer about the appointment is that I am borderline anemic.  This has been a bit of a concern of mine, due to the fact that I don’t eat meat.  However, the levels are not horrible, just borderline.  So now I am supposed to take an iron supplement to make sure that the baby and I have nice healthy blood.  Not really that big of a deal.

All in all, not a bad appointment.  But when the midwife was trying to measure my uterus (which was right on target) the baby kicked her.  “This is MY house!”



I am pretty sure that the baby is trying to escape straight through my abdominal wall.  Today she is especially restless and seems to be resenting her confinement.  Her plans upon her liberation?  I have a feeling that she is plotting world domination.  After all, she is able to push my stomach out at least 2 inches when she tries.  First on one side, and then the other.  Sometimes rolling back and forth so that I get concerned that she might be feeling seasick.  It really feels like one of those alien movies where the alien bursts out of the host’s body.   If that actually happens, will I get written up in a medical journal?


I love feeling every single kick that happens throughout the day.  Sometimes I can feel little nudges or “pushes” inside my tummy, and sometimes it’s full-out somersaults and flips!  But most often I feel nice hard kicks or punches that make me wonder if I have a little soccer player in there.  Or possible a tiny kickboxer?  Either way, there are times when I just watch my tummy jump as the baby moves around.  I’ve been able to feel her moving for months now, but it still doesn’t get old.  There are times when I think to myself “I haven’t felt her move in awhile,” and she almost always kicks to reassure me that everything’s still ok in there 🙂  I love feeling my baby move.  And the day when I get to see and feel her move while holding her in my arms is getting closer every day!


Maybe I shouldn’t have started a blog, I am doing a horrible job at keeping it updated.  Things are going really well, though.  This pregnancy seems like it is moving so fast!  At this point, I am 29 weeks along- which means about 11 to go.  Is it really possible that I am going to have a baby that soon?  I find it difficult to fathom sometimes.

I’ve really been “showing” for about a month or so now, and have actually had quite a few strangers make comments about it.  I think that’s the way to tell if you really look pregnant.  If people can’t tell for sure, I don’t think they mention it.  Little baby “Bunkle” has started to accumulate a good amount of acessories lately.  She already has tons of new born clothes, some books, and some cloth diapers.  I have been enjoying making a few things for her as well- burp cloths, bibs, and cloth wipes.  Unfortunately at this point her room is not anywhere near finished.  We are converting our “office” into a nursery, and the going has been a little slow.  Hopefully this week we will finish moving the rest of the funature out of it and be able to paint.  I’ve had the color picked out for awhile- it’s a light sagey green, and her bedding will be rose pink.  I want to get the nursey done, but at the same time it won’t be a big deal if it isn’t completed by the time she’s born.  She will be sleeping in a Pack N’Play in our bedroom for awhile in any case.

My prenatal appointments have been going well.  I’ve gained A LOT of weight in the past two months.  5 pound between my 21-week and 25-week appointments, and then 6 pound between 25 and 28 weeks!  It seems like a lot, but I’m still at the low end of normal weight gain at this point.  I’m really starting to feel huge however.  It doesn’t seem possible that I can keep growing!  I had my glucose tolerence test and my iron deficiency test at my last appointment.  They seem to have been normal, I would have gotten a call if there were any problems.  They always listen to the baby’s heartbeat (always normal) and measure my uterus to make sure that she’s growing.  There has never been anything concerning according to the midwives, which makes me feel relieved of course.

Today was the second of my childbirth classes.  The whole class is twelve weeks, so we will barely be able to fit it in before the baby’s born.  Bunny and I are taking “Bradley Method” classes, so that we are prepared for a natural childbirth.  The classes have been interesting so far, and today’s was about nutrition.  I apparently need to up my protein intake which is hard for me at times because I don’t eat meat.  The class focuses a lot on relaxation excersizes to help the mother be able to handle the pain associated with childbirth, and the partner helps with that.  We have to practice “relaxing” every day, which it great!  There are other physical exercises that we practice as well, to help with toning the muscles associated with childbirth.  People ask me somtimes if I am nervous about giving birth, but I know I will be able to handle it.   After all, women are built for it.  I think the scary part comes afterward- takng care of the baby!

This is going to be all for tonight, and I will try to get back into updating more frequently.



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