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I apologize for the tardiness of this post!  The ultrasound went even better than I could have expected.  Our sonographer was amazing, very personable and willing to explain everything we were seeing on the ultrasound.   It was hard to beleive everything they could see from an ultrasound, even all the structures in the brain!  Our baby’s brain looked great, so  did the kidneys, heart, spine, and everything else.  We could even count the little fingers and toes!  And of course the big suprise- it’s a girl!  I had been thinking almost the whole time that the baby was a boy, but I was wrong.  At first our little girl was very shy about showing her face.  She was facing my back at first, and I had to roll onto my side before she would flip over.  Once she did, she kept covering her face with her hands!  However, we were able to get a few glimpes of her face without her hands in the way.  Even with her hands up by her cheeks, she sure was cute!  We got to go home with about 50 pictures of our little one, including some 3-D pictures that I wasn’t expecting.  I have always thought that 3-D ultrasound pictures look like alien babies, but I was happy to be wrong about our little one.  A few of the pictures were a little scary, but most were adorable.  Her little nose is so cute!  We were also suprised to see how big her muscles were already.  For a baby that weighed only about 14 ounces, she was so buff!  It was so exciting to see my baby, and start to get an idea of what she will look like 🙂 

After we left the hospital, the first thing I HAD to do was to run right out and go shopping!  So I dragged Bunny (boyfriend) to the mall, and we hit Baby Gap and Gymboree.  I found the cutest little sundress at Baby Gap that I immediately knew that I wanted for her “coming home from the hospital” outfit!  The only problem?  It didn’t come in newborn size.  I bought it anyway, because it did look pretty narrow for a 0-3 month outfit, and it was so cute I couldn’t resist!  Gymboree was the next stop.  They were having a 30% off sale of everything you could fit in a bag, including sale items!  I jumped straight to the sale items, and got a little giraffe print dress, and flower print sundress with matching sweater and hat, and a long-sleeved onsie that says “Daddy loves me.”  Even with the sale prices, it was a little expensive!  But I HAD to go a little crazy, it’s so much fun shopping for a little girl!

In the evening, Bunny and I had our families over to announce the gender and to show off the ultrasound pictures.  To announce the gender, I dyed cake batter light pink and baked cupcakes.  They were frosted in white with ranbow sprinkles on top.  They turned out VERY light pink, but I still thought people would be able to tell when they bit into them.  As soon as people started arriving at our house, they wanted to know what the baby was!  I was able to stall by showing off the ultrasound pictures (but had removed the “gender” shot) but had to serve the cupcakes before too long.  At first no one really seemed to want to eat them.  I know, boring white cupcakes.  But after a minute or two someone asked “is it pink inside?”  “YES!  It’s a girl!!!”  I almost shouted.  After congratulations from everyone, I just HAD to show off the results of the shopping trip earlier.  My mom had brought a little outfit as a gift, and Bunny’s family brought us a baby book (which I already started filling out :-)).  All in all, I think it was a fairly successful evening. 

The next day, Bunny’s mom and sister brought over some adorable clothes- they hadn’t been able to wait long to go shopping either!  It made me realize that I should maybe slow down on buying baby clothes, or we’ll start to run out of room!  I also want to make some baby clothes, so that might keep me busy for awhile. 

Now that the ultrasound is done, I decided that the next baby-related milestone would be to register for baby stuff.   The first store we visited was Target.  I wanted to register at Target because the prices are reasonable, and they seemed to have some cute things.  But going through the registration process, I realized that they really didn’t have a good selection of some things.   We were able to register for some stuff, and decided to try Babies R Us.  After trying out about a million cribs, we were finally able to choose one.  Not that we climbed into them or anything!  I was worried about being able to get a sleeping baby into a crib because drop-side cribs are no longer legally sold and I thought the sides would be too high for me to reach over.  It was a valid concern, quite a few of the cribs were just to tall for me.  We were lucky enough to find one that was comfortable for me and that we liked.  The registration process took a long time at Babies R Us.  The selection is huge!  After an hour and a half or so, we finally finished the registry.  We were luckier than at Target, and I was able to choose some organic products that I prefer.  This process seems like it SHOULD have been enough, but my mom convinced me that I might want to register with as well, because they carry a lot of organic products and natural material toys.  To be honest, I’m pretty crunchy at heart.  Especially when it comes to my baby, I want to avoid all those harse chemicals.  At least for the Amazon registry I can just do it on my computer 🙂  I really hope it doesn’t seem greedy to people that we are registered 3 different places, but I like the fact that people have a choice were to go.  And the upside is that we will get a discount on anything that WE want to buy that’s still on the registry after the baby’s born.  Ok, registries done, now onto the next milestone!

The next baby-related activity was my monthly midwife appointment.  I feel like the most important part of these appointments is for me to ask all the silly questions I have as a first time mom!  The rest of the appointment is just for making sure that the baby and I still look healthy, which we did.  The midwife gave me some interesting information though.  According to the ultrasound, I have an anterior placenta, which means the placenta is on the front side of the uterous.  The interesting part of the information was that women who have an anterior placenta usually have a hard time feeling their baby’s movement, and usually don’t feel movement until later.  I, however, started feeling the baby EARLY!  The average is something like 18-24 weeks for first time moms, and I was feeling her move at 15 weeks!  Strange, huh?  I’m so glad I’ve been able to feel her though, it really gives me piece of mind to know that she’s doing flips and riverdancing in there 🙂  I am now 22 weeks pregnant (out of 40) and it seems more real every day that I will be holding a baby in my arms in a few months!  Until next time,



Well, this is a little belated.  I have finally decided to write a pregnancy blog, and I’m already halfway through the pregnancy!  So now I am 20 weeks along (think 4 1/2 months) and things are going well.  It’s been a pretty easy pregnancy for me thus far.  The first trimester involved some morning sickness, but nothing too horrible or unmanageable.  My most annoying symptom was actually fatigue and insomnia- I was ALWAYS tired!  Things have been evening out lately, no more morning sickness and I am not as tired although I still often have trouble sleeping.  So far the biggest problems this trimester have been a stomach bug (couldn’t keep anything down for a whole day!) and a cold/flu that made me pretty miserable for a few days. 

People are still telling me that I don’t look pregnant, but I totally feel like I’m showing!  Granted I haven’t gained very much weight yet, but I am definitely bigger than I used to be.  I am still wearing my regular clothes and am not quite big enough for maternity wear yet.  I feel like I might have more of a tummy if I could manage to eat more, but I haven’t had much of an appetite so far.  All of those crazy pregnancy cravings women are supposed to get?  Not happening here!  I’m still not eating much more than I was pre-pregnancy, but not for lack of trying. 

So the next big pregnancy milestone is the ultrasound that is scheduled for tomorrow.  This ultrasound was originally scheduled last week, but the night before I got a call saying that it was canceled- two sonographers were out sick.  I am crossing my fingers that it won’t get canceled again!  Early in the pregnancy, we had thought that we would have a suprise baby and not find out the gender.  That lasted until the first time I looked for baby clothes.  Unisex baby clothes basically do not exist!  Besides, it’s so hard to wait and find out when the baby’s born 🙂  I just don’t have that much self-control.  Even though we are planning to find out the baby’s gender, there’s always a chance that the baby won’t feel like cooperating.  I have heard that some babies keep their legs crossed for the duration of the ultrasound and won’t show off the goods.  I think I might cry if that happens!  I feel like we have been waiting for so long already.   The anticipation is already nervewracking, because the most important part of the ultrasound is to make sure that the baby is healthy.  They will look at the brain, heart, and other internal organs to make sure that there are no abnormalities.  They also take measurements of various body parts- the head, thigh, and around the tummy to make sure the baby is growing at a normal rate.  The sonographers also keep an eye on body parts that could indicate birth defects like the spine and I think they even check the lips for cleft lip/palate.  Nervous?  Who, me?  Luckily, chances are good that the baby is completely normal.  And after the ultrasound?  Well, then it’s time for the shopping to begin!  All of the cute baby clothes are just waiting for me to come buy them!   Well, it’s time for me to sign off.  Wish me luck for tomorrow!


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